About Us

OEETROT CONCEPT LIMITED is a private company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

It is a Facility Management Company involve in non – core activities of other organisation and committed to qualitative service delivery and the utmost standards of professionalism in discharging our duties.

We are determined to achieve excellence in our areas of specialisation through consistent investment in human capital and innovative technology to ensure cost – effectiveness and efficiency at all times.

We at OEETROT CONCEPT LIMITED are driven by the desire to continually exceed set standards in the industry. We are constantly seeking out strategies to develop and apply in order to better serve our clients.

We encourage round-table discussions in that all our staff, rising through the ranks, from menial casual workers to top management, are urged to bring their ideas to the knowledge of the Board of Directors for consideration and possible implementation. We regularly sponsor the training of our field and administrative staff to professional seminars and symposia to further strengthen their grasp of their assigned duties and adhere to professional ethics in the corporate world.

With our lofty pledge to our clientele as our underlying motive, we have assembled a team of devoted specialist personnel to deliver on our promise.